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Axe Throwing

Ax Throwing near me

"Axe Throwing is a target sport, similar to darts. Players stand behind a foul line and throw their axe into the wood targets. The targets are labeled with the highest points in the bullseye and decrease the further your axe lands from the center. You can play a variety of games and your axe coach will guide and instruct you to success.  This is totally safe and fun!"

total sports ax throwing

Our Sports Complex offers Axe Throwing for people 18 and up as well as league play. When you come to Total Sports, you’ll start by signing our waiver. Once your group has checked in, a coach will give you a short safety lesson to make sure that everyone handles axes and other items properly and no one gets hurt. Each group is put into an arena and the coach teaches each person to throw individually.

Give us a call to reserve your spot...our axe-throwing coaches are ready to assist you in a great and safe axe-throwing experience.

(586) 463-2000

Ax Throwing Pricing:

  • Full payment required

  • $100 per hour per stall

  • We offer 4 stalls total for group reservations

  • Reservations and payment must be made upfront by phone: 586-463-2000

  • 10 person maximum per stall

  • Must be minimum of 18 years of age to participate.

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