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Softball starts in April and goes through October.  We are a non-sanctioned house and follow slow-pitch softball rules. A $100 deposit reserves your spot in the league. The balance of your team fee is due before the first game (April 1st).

  • Spring Softball leagues start in April

  • Summer Softball leagues start in July

  • Softball reservations begin in February.

Softball leagues:

  • We offer Softball leagues 6-days a week. Mens, Womens, and Co-ed leagues are available.

  • Eligibility levels: D level leagues (competitive), E level leagues (no tournament teams, limit of 2 “D” players), REC league (No tournament players)

  • Must be 18 years of age and up to participate.

Softball Home Run limits:

  • The Corporate & Men’s D league limit is (2) Home Runs per game.

  • Men’s E & Co-ed league is (1) Home Run limit per game.


Softball leagues fees:

  • Softball team league fees range from $500 - $600 depending on the league & time slot. Umpire fees are not included ($15 per game paid directly to the umpire at game time).

  • A $100 deposit is required. All team fees are due before your first game.

Softball Refund Policy:

  • Teams that drop out of a league prior to April (spring) or July (summer) are entitled to a refund minus the $100 deposit. No refunds are given after the specified dates.

Rain Out Policy:

  • All leagues are scheduled to play 12 games, 10 games guaranteed. Total Sports will do its best to reschedule rainout games when needed.

Softball Mercy Rule:

  • 15 runs after 4 innings, or 12 runs after 5 innings is considered a Mercy and will end the game early.

Softball Tournaments at Total Sports:

  • Softball tournaments are held throughout the season.  Please check back for details as they become available.



SoftBall Summer App 2023.jpg

1.  Print the application. 

2.  "Save As" to your computer 

3.  Print from your computer files 

4.  Fill out completely 

5.  Return with $100 deposit

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