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Softball starts in April and goes through October.  We are a non-sanctioned house and follow slow-pitch softball rules. A $100 deposit reserves your spot in the league. The balance of your team fee is due by the 4th game.

  • Spring Softball leagues start in April

  • Summer Softball leagues start in July

  • Softball reservations begin in February/June

We have a master substitute list of people that are willing to play.  You can find it here:

Softball leagues:

  • We offer Softball leagues 6-days a week. Mens, Womens, and Co-ed leagues are available.

  • Eligibility levels: D level leagues (competitive), E level leagues (no tournament teams, limit of 2 “D” players), REC league (No tournament players)

  • Must be 18 years of age and up to participate.

Softball Home Run limits:

  • The Corporate & Men’s D league limit is (2) Home Runs per game.

  • Men’s E & Co-ed league is (1) Home Run limit per game.


Softball leagues fees:

  • Softball team league fees range from $500 - $600 depending on the league & time slot. Umpire fees are not included ($20 per game paid directly to the umpire at game time).

  • A $100 deposit is required with completed application to register a team.

  • All league fee's are to be paid in full by or on your 4th scheduled game. 

Softball Refund Policy:

  • Teams that drop out of a league prior to April (spring) or July (summer) are entitled to a refund minus the $100 deposit. No refunds are given after the specified dates.

Rain Out Policy:

  • All leagues are scheduled to play 12 games, 10 games guaranteed. Total Sports will do its best to reschedule rainout games when needed.

  • If a rain out occurs that game will automatically be added to the end of your season guaranteeing the 10 minimum games. 

Softball Mercy Rule:

  • 15 runs after 4 innings, or 12 runs after 5 innings is considered a Mercy and will end the game early.

Softball Tournaments at Total Sports:

  • Softball tournaments are held throughout the season.  Please check back for details as they become available.


Social Media:

  • Look for us on Facebook under the page "Total Sports Softball" as we post often regarding updates, rainouts, etc.


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